UCScore Network Qualification

The following test will help you determine if your network is capable of handling the load of your unified communications traffic. After collecting your information, we'll run a series of tests that will take a few minutes. When they're done, we'll show you the results.

Test Plan Progress

We're currently sending packets back and forth between your computer and our server.
These packets represent voice and video calls. Your network score is based on how many packets make it intact to their destinations.


While the test is running, do not minimize your browser or switch tabs.




Starting Test...

UCScore Test Results

Below are all the network scores we collected on your behalf. The simulated calls use a scale called the R Factor, a measure of voice call quality.

0-60 is unacceptable.
60-70 is poor.
70-80 needs caution.
80-93.2 is good.
93.2-129 is excellent.

Because of your web browser of choice, we could only perform an upload/download speed test. You may close this window, and try the test again in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox so we can simulate voice calls to more accurately evaluate your network's capabilities.

Bandwidth Test

{{uploadSpeed.speed | number: 1}}{{uploadSpeed.units}}
{{downloadSpeed.speed | number: 1}}{{downloadSpeed.units}}

{{testGroup['EGRESS'].test.calls}} Callsimulation

{{testGroup['EGRESS'].voiceQuality.rValueG711 | number: 1}}
{{testGroup['INGRESS'].voiceQuality.rValueG711 | number: 1}}

We can estimate the performance of video calls on your network based on the results above:

Note: Video call performance based on the results are estimates only.

This version of UCScore is being provided for individual users that may want to evaluate the performance of their own network connection during remote work. The results include data featured in the comprehensive UCScore Network Qualification test used by IT leaders and Martello channel partners in evaluating the performance of corporate networks.

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